GE32 (or 32GE, from latin "Germania" ) stands for Germanium: a hard, semiconducting metal first discovered in Germany and widely used in transistor production and fiber optic networks, thereby significantly contributing to the technology revolution of the 21st century. Its discovery weavers into a long tradition of foundational research, scientific discovery and entrepreneurial spirit emerging from Germany and accelerating the cambrian explosion of high tech globally.


Having successfully built and scaled leading internet businesses in Brazil, the United States and Asia, we share a deep passion for entrepreneurship that seeks to redefine boundaries.

Our Ideas

Having started and backed companies doing everything from fintech and proptech to online printing all around the world, there are no industries or geographies we won’t consider for investment


The one thing we invariably look for is a team of smart, hard-working and visionary founders in the process of making a meaningful impact in a large industry, regardless of what particular problem they’re solving or where in the world they’re located.


We are entrepreneurs first and investors second, so we get especially excited about themes and ideas around which we’ve founded companies in the past:

  • Marketplaces that increase transparency and improve economics for both customers and suppliers
  • Solutions to emerging market problems with long-term international applications
  • Vertical integration in legacy industries, especially when solving problems around distribution and supply chain